La Dra. Jordina Rincón nos da en este documento detalles sobre la estructura del desarrollo neuronal del cerebro, en relación con la actividad espacial, y su transformación en información que puede ser almacenada, consultada y analizada por equipos multidisciplinarios de investigación.

  • Model of quantum artificial life on quantum computer
    el día noviembre 20, 2018 a las 5:58 pm

    Researchers have developed a quantum biomimetic protocol that reproduces the characteristic process of Darwinian evolution adapted to the language of quantum algorithms and quantum computing. The researchers anticipate a future in which machine learning, artificial intelligence and artificial life itself will be combined on a quantum scale. […]

  • Virtual reality simulation of a supermassive black hole
    el día noviembre 19, 2018 a las 11:41 am

    The black hole at the center of our galaxy, Sagittarius A*, has been visualized in virtual reality for the first time. […]

  • Electronic skin points the way north
    el día noviembre 15, 2018 a las 3:45 pm

    Researchers have developed an electronic skin (e-skin) with magnetosensitive capabilities, sensitive enough to detect and digitize body motion in the Earth's magnetic field. As this e-skin is extremely thin and malleable, it can easily be affixed to human skin to create a bionic analog of a compass. This might not only help people with orientation issues, but also facilitate interaction with objects in virtual and augmented reality. […]

  • There's real skill in fantasy sports
    el día noviembre 7, 2018 a las 2:38 pm

    If you've ever taken part in the armchair sport of fantasy football and found yourself at the top of your league's standings at the end of the season, a new study suggests your performance -- however far removed from any actual playing field -- was likely based on skill rather than luck. […]

  • Good news for immersive journalism: Look at your audience
    el día octubre 25, 2018 a las 12:40 pm

    A new study shows that in virtual reality news experiences, basic interactivity can increase buy-in without compromising faithful reporting. […]

  • Studies show potential of virtual reality to reduce children's anxiety, pain
    el día octubre 24, 2018 a las 5:15 pm

    Innovative virtual reality technologies hold promise in reducing children's anxiety and pain before and after medical procedures and surgery, suggest two new studies. […]