La Dra. Jordina Rincón nos da en este documento detalles sobre la estructura del desarrollo neuronal del cerebro, en relación con la actividad espacial, y su transformación en información que puede ser almacenada, consultada y analizada por equipos multidisciplinarios de investigación.

  • Virtual reality, real injuries: How to reduce physical risk in VR
    el día enero 8, 2020 a las 2:24 pm

    Carpal tunnel, stiff shoulders, eye-strain headaches -- these are all well-known side effects of prolonged computer use. But what happens when you step away from the desktop and into virtual reality? A recent study assessed how some common virtual reality movements contribute to muscle strain and discomfort. It's an effort to ensure future user safety in this fast-growing technology that's used not only for gaming, but also increasingly for education and industrial training. […]

  • Virtual reality could help flu vaccination rates
    el día diciembre 3, 2019 a las 6:38 pm

    Using a virtual reality simulation to show how flu spreads and its impact on others could be a way to encourage more people to get a flu vaccination, according to a new study. […]

  • To navigate, flies make flexible mental maps of the world
    el día noviembre 20, 2019 a las 6:13 pm

    Flies use visual cues to finesse their mental maps of the environment. Two new studies use virtual reality to show how. […]

  • 'Epidermal VR' gives technology a human touch
    el día noviembre 20, 2019 a las 6:12 pm

    Researchers have developed a new thin, wireless system that adds a sense of touch to any virtual reality (VR) experience. Not only does this platform potentially add new dimensions to our long-distance relationships and entertainment, the technology also provides prosthetics with sensory feedback and imparts telemedicine with a human touch. […]

  • Researchers bring gaming to autonomous vehicles
    el día noviembre 18, 2019 a las 12:25 pm

    Researchers have designed multiplayer games occupants of autonomous vehicles can play with other players in nearby self-driving cars. A new study details three games created for level three and higher semi-autonomous vehicles. The researchers also made suggestions for many exciting types of in-car games for future exploration. […]

  • Computer scientists develop new tool that generates videos from themed text
    el día noviembre 14, 2019 a las 4:58 pm

    A global team of computer scientists have developed ''Write-A-Video'', a new tool that generates videos from themed text. Using words and text editing, the tool automatically determines which scenes or shots are chosen from a repository to illustrate the desired storyline. […]